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Advance the future

Passion to positively transcend our society

Commitment to the success of our clients

Environmentally sustainable and responsible innovation

Trust and Responsibility in all relationships and actions

We are a technological structuring company , specialized in generating high-value solutions supported by effective innovation for the management and environmentally sustainable development of Smart Territories, supported by the use and development of ICT.


Our multidisciplinary talent of professionals with high experiences and knowledge who focus their creativity and effort on the comprehensive satisfaction of our clients, maintaining the balance of the environment and development with the sustainability of the results.

“We believe in sustainable development and exploration, in inclusion, freedom, excellence and responsibility, which implies taking risks and developing tools that improve life. We are ready and that is why we concentrate our best efforts, seeking to give high-value solutions for our clients and thus be able to serve them to meet their strategic and social objectives in the construction of this new civilization".

Iván Ramírez,


Our Missions and Values



Higher purpose

Develop and build tools that improve life.





To be a technological and social innovation company, specialized in the generation of high-value solutions for the environmentally sustainable management and development of Smart Territories, whose services and products contribute to improving the quality of life.


ConeXalab’s mission statement is “The Company was founded in 2016 to revolutionize technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to have a better live.


The following points relate to the ConeXalab mission statement:


  1. Improving lives. ConeXalab is all about creating tools for improve life. It looks beyond what is available, doing strong sensitive  about environmental conservation and sustainability comes to enabling people to live better.


  1. Exceeding expectations. The most unique element that has made this company stand out is thinking beyond to conquer our superior propose. 


  1. Revolutionize  technology. ConeXaLab is a technology leader and that means to take a risk and development the tools to revolutionize positive the life.  


  1. Humanity compromise: We are people and we are for the people, and our products and service are create to improve the life quality and give better opportunities to all. 



In 2025, be recognized for the development of tools with high innovative value that allow the country to advance the future.



Vision Statement


ConeXaLab’s vision statement is “to advance the future.” Essentially, this statement talks about the leadership position assumed by ConeXalab in everything it does. It relates to the following components:


  1. Innovations. Coming up with advanced and state-of-the-art technology tools is basically everything ConeXalab does. 


  1. Advancing the future. ConeXalab satisfies this component in its implied vision statement by focusing all its strategies towards finding ways to have a better life.


  1. Sustainability. A life for all and forever only has one way to be sustainable.




Core Values


ConeXaLab core values comprise “innovative, being a risk-taker, inclusivity, excellence, leadership and sustainability.” 

These are the common values that anyone can pick out from the practices of ConeXaLab. They are central in the overall performance of the company and its constant success streak.


To ConeXaLab’s the innovation is to be a leader to develop of tools that give to everybody a better life quality, promoting with all his develops 3 principles GIVE, RECIEVE and UP GRADE



An analysis of these values proves beyond doubt that ConeXaLab is a company built on a culture of innovation. Even the recruiting strategy of the company looks to bring the most innovative experts on board to advance its technological prowess through new designs. They do this by taking calculated risks as a team when it comes to thinking beyond the norm to come up with transformative ideas to keep the many missions of the company alive.

Aliados Estratégicos

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