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Técnico de hardware

Tailor Made Hardware and Software

Our tailor-made hardware and software developments help companies to solving his business challenges with developeds to allow it can accommodate that customer's and his projects particular preferences and expectations.

The ConeXalab tailor-made hardware and software division comprises an array on-demand customization options for the Industry5.0  needs.

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ConeXalab is a leader in customized hardware and software solutions. We specialize in developing innovative technology, including IoT, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, to drive efficiency and growth for your company. From conceptualization to implementation and support, we are here to help you turn your ideas into reality. Our services include:

1. Custom Hardware Development:
- Design, prototypnig and manufacture of custom IoT devices for specific applications.

- Development of hardware for embedded systems and connected devices.

- Design of smart sensors for real-time data collection.


2. Software Development:
- Creation of custom web and mobile applications to control and monitor IoT devices.
- Development of data analytics and information management software to optimize business operations.
- Implementation of artificial intelligence solutions for process automation and decision-making.


3. Integration of Emerging Technologies:
- Integration of artificial intelligence into existing systems to enhance efficiency and productivity.
- Development of blockchain-based solutions to ensure data security and integrity.


4. Consulting and Advisory Services:
- Assessment of enterprise technological needs and recommendations for custom solutions.
- Consultancy on IoT, artificial intelligence, and blockchain implementation strategies.

- Advisory on cybersecurity and regulatory compliance to protect digital assets.

5. Open Innovation:
-  Collaboration with clients and partners for open innovation initiatives.
-  Co-creation workshops and ideation sessions to foster innovation and creativity.
- Joint research and development projects to explore new technological frontiers.

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